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 Caribbean Shipping F.A.Q.

How long does a shipment take to get to the Caribbean from Edmonton? It takes 4 to 6 Weeks.

Why so long? The shipment travels by truck or train to get to Ontario, sometimes it gets there the day after the shipment. That will cause a week or two sitting in Ontario.

Why does it cost so much? Most of the charges is the cost of trucking. The truck rates is increased weekly through fuel surcharge, but we have to absorb these charges. We can’t tell the client a different price every week. Between the shippers and truckers, We get about eight increases every year and We have been absorbing them.

Do you do door to door? Door to door is offered by the shippers in Ontario, but we don’t recommend it. Reason it is very expensive, about $150.00 US. Must be paid in Ontario before the shipment leaves. Also, your shipment may be opened in your absence and passed to truckers to take it to your receiver – opened. Things sometimes go missing then. It is better you pay someone in your home country to collect your shipment.

Why do I have to email you the information when I already wrote it on the shipment? Information must be written correctly on the shipment. The paperwork that the shipping company work with is information I send to them. Currently they are charging $75.00 USD and $10.00 CAD for misspelling. When you email it to me, I cut and paste, so any misspelling will be your responsibility. If I write it out and there is misspelling, I will be responsible for this payment.

Do you ship cardboard boxes? We do, but we don’t recommend it. (SEE CARDBOARD BOXES)

How much do I have to pay in the receiving country? Treat a shipment as though you are flying home and have to go through customs, sometimes it depends on who you encounter in customs.

How long do you keep my shipment before it goes on the truck? Shipment collected by Wednesday is normally placed on the truck that week. If not, it is definitely shipped the next week. You will know when it is placed on the truck because I give a truck tracking (SEE HOW WE DO SHIPPING)

Do you ship large articles like stoves and fridges? Yes, we do. If it is in the original box, it can be ship as is. If not in original box it must be crated for its protection. If you are buying new, I can pick up from the store, for a nominal fee.

Do you ship TV’s? Yes, we do. If it is in the original box, it can be ship as is. It must be covered as TV’s attract a high insurance cost and you almost never collect if it gets damaged. If not in original box it must be crated or I can supply a box. If you are buying new, I can pick up from the store, for a nominal fee.

Do you ship crates? Yes, we do. You can build your crate and it will be picked up at your home or you can take it to the truck yard, saving yourself about $150.00.

Do you ship containers? Yes, we do. There are some hoops for you to jump through, and they are ever changing. We will have to discuss it when you are ready.

I am going home to collect my shipment. Let the airline personnel know you are expecting a shipment and you will be given a form. This will decrease your custom payment when you collect your shipment.